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Material Type:  
   If other, specify:    
Material Thickness: 
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Finished Copper Weight(oz.): 
(outer layer) 
Copper Weight(oz.): 
(inner layer) 

Minimum Line Width:  mils.
Minimum Spacing:  mils. 

Surface Mount:   
Smallest Pitch:
No. of SMT pads on Comp side:
No. of SMT pads on Solder side:
Quantity  Number of sizes 
Smallest Hole size:  mils. 

Panel Routing:         
       If yes:      
Routed Panel Size:        

Solder Mask:                 
Mask Type:    
Silkscreen (Legend):     

Surface Finish:       If Other Specify:
Gold Tabs:  

Electrical Test:    

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